Thintha Moraba General Trading

Thintha Moraba General Trading

Thintha Moraba General Trading

About Thintha Moraba General Trading


Initially our mission was to make profit but after we have realised that our community were struggling to get services particullarlly water during the funerals and weddings,We have realised that it is not just a profit but to assist the communities of about six villages. We are also looking forward to create jobs as the rate of unemployment has come to the climax.

Thintha Moraba General Trading Started in a plastic shack were it was selling left overs and when the business was growing more products and services were added to grow the company. Sweets, Penuts, Tin fishes and eggs was some of the added products when the business was growing.

In 1996 The company was moved to Moletjie Chebeng and started operating professional in a building and in 1988 when the company cars and the trailor was bought then more stuff were added and there was a lot of job opportunities

Our creche staff members

  • Mam Anna
  • Mam Vicky
  • Mam Phalane
  • Mam Salome


We want to see our business spreading its wings to other Provinces as well. We also want to create jobs in those Provinces.

Our Services

Decoration and chairs hire

Creche and pre- school

Super market

Crop cultivation

Water supply

Manufacture of Pop corns and ice pops

Motor Spares

Building Material


Contact us

Call: 082 671 2252


Thintha Moraba General Trading Branches

Head Office - Moletjie Chebeng
Location: Limpopo
South Africa

Moletjie Mamadila Village
Location: Limpopo
South Africa

Thintha’s day and night care - Moeletjie Ga-Mashashane
Location: Limpopo
South Africa

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